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Our team:

Community organizations that partnered to form a water safety team in February 2001 to help protect children from drowning. Drowning happens quickly and silently. 

Our aim is to protect children from drowning by building public awareness for the need for water safety, swimming lessons, and the use of life jackets in our communities.

Our stance:
  • Adults should actively watch children in or near water, to the exclusion of other activities.
  • Children under the age 13 must wear life jackets while on boats. (It’s also the law.)
  • Anyone not comfortable in the water should wear a life jacket when they are within 10 feet of water
  • Learn to swim.
  • Learn CPR to save a life when seconds count.

Our goal:

Provide our partnership drowning prevention expertise to and in support of community water safety programs, projects, events, and initiatives.

Our strategy:

To network with partners, who have the knowledge, skills, expertise, resources, and time, to offer and provide public “outreach” and “education” to prevent drowning fatalities.

Last updated: June 9, 2017

Water Safety In Action

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Download a free "Learn to Swim and Float Well" puzzle on the Bobber the Water Safety Dog website

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